Monday, November 1, 2010


The punaura temple

Do you know where was LORD RAMA born?




But if I ask Where was GODDESS SITA took birth what will be the answer?

Most of the Indians would say that I don’t know.

But why?

What is the reason behind it?

Do you know the reason?





We know how GODDESS SITA took birth because it is written in the scripture?

The reason behind it is that no where in the scripture it is given about the birthplace of GODDESS SITA. It is just given about the birth. But I want to tell you about the birth place of GODDESS SITA and I am taking the first step towards the process of letting the world know about the birth place .

GODDESS SITA took birth in the small village of PUNAURA in the SITAMARHI district of BIHAR.

It is not so famous district but the area of the district is 2199 sq km. The population is 27 lacs

I request you all that please you all help me to make this place as world known just as other places like AYODHYA and MATHURA.


Amartya Raghav



girish patel said...

supurb osho keepit up i m with uuuuu

prarthana chhetry said...

Oh god u took first step to tell people abt the birth place of sita its so sad that u yoursrlf does nt knw the answer...hahaha!!
Its janakpur dats is in Nepal...nt a small plc in bihar...dats the reason y she is also refferd as janaki!!!

Amartya Raghav said...

Prarthana I would like you to know that the birth place of Sita was this very small town of Bihar which is located 54 kms from the Janakpur city of Nepal.
She is known as Janaki bcoz she was adopted by Raja Janak of Janakpur and stayed there in the early stage of her life.
If u want any confirmation u may gom through internet. I will sure provide u with a link for ur help. pls check this out.
And pls be confirm before making any comment about something.