Friday, April 5, 2013

Private college or IITs/NITs :-Preferrence of college or course


"Beta, you have to crack IIT. You have to get through these exams. This must be your only aim in
coming next two years." These words invariably, each and every student listens from their
parents as and when the 10th class results are out and the student seeks admission in science
department of Intermediate standard. The only effective response which can be delivered is their
assurance. At that time even the student builds a confidence that he/she will surely get through.

And surely the year starts; the student is very serious about the studies. But it appears that
Parent’s expectations directly proportional to child's distractions.

On the parent’s side, expectations keep mounting and on the student’s side they’re busy
making gf's/bf's, wasting time with friends etc.

Finally two years pas, the exams are over and the results are out.
Here the story begins for 2 different friends both of them Computer Science Engineering

One of them secured an AIR-74903 and the other AIR-125345 in AIEEE. Both of them have no
other option but to take a drop and the same story repeats for one more year.

The final reexamination results are almost same. First one with an AIR-73216.
The other one with AIR-132621.

With no other option left for the second one, he takes admission in some private college in his
desired branch of Computer Science. It being his interested branch, he becomes the batch
topper, and finally gets placed with a wonderful salary.

First one, considering importance of college over the importance of course, takes admission in
NIT in the Ceramics Engineering Department. Finally he is placed in Government Company with
a good salary package.

At this point according to the world, the NIT student becomes an example for everyone. Everyone
starts "Usko dekho. Usne NIT se padhai ki hai, dekho kitni achi naukri lagi hai uski. Beta, also
you have to crack IIT."

He started working there, he loved the place but the job doesn't meet his interest.


The answer comes from his basic requirement. What was his basic aspiration? He wanted to
study Computer Science Engineering which was impossible to get with his rank in an NIT, but the
pressure to study in NIT!!

Finally he leaves the job and thinks" Oh gosh! With my 5 digit AIEEE rank if I would have applied
for some private college in CSE department, I would be at better stage than my friend. Now he
wants to study more to achieve something which might interest him while the other one is very
happy with his job.
Now the situation reversed, the first student becomes example for the world because of his stable

The only conclusion from this
Instead of forcing someone or yourself to study in NIT or IIT please focus on the
course you are interested in.

But, unfortunately "Angoor Khatte Hain".