Sunday, May 12, 2013

My inspiration - a happy life : Mother

Tears are flowing through my eyes, and the 4 words which explains my misery - I miss you MOM.

Though I was a kid of 5. I still have few memories. I was admitted to DAV Public School in class 1 and was eagerly waiting for my classes to begin on 10th April 2000 just 2 days before I saw you the last time.

I still remember you catching my little finger and taking me to my pre-nursery school Front Age and feel the same every day while going to college.

I miss your love, your affection.  I just miss you.
          SOB! SOB! :'(

Apart from this I must thank papa who never let me feel your absence. In your absence he acted as both father as well as mother. He was there with me at each and every step to guide me and to lead me.

The first and foremost thank which I would give for shaping my present in the past itself is to my papa.

You are a true friend, a true leader and a true guide. Hats off to you papa.

Now please let me cry today. These tears are not of sorrow,  not of happiness but these tears represents love and affection.

My Mom , you are the only one woman for whom I can use the world famous 3 magical words.
                   I LOVE YOU MUMMA.

Although you are not with me since past 13 years but your thoughts are still alive in my mind. Whenever I get distracted your thoughts takes me away from it. I still remember all your instructions, tips and tricks which you gave me in my initial 5 years of life and I still follow those.




RAN IN JAN said...

happy mothers day. she is with you my friend.

Anonymous said...

It's true,she was Great.
Your respect is but obvious for a lady (mother) like her.She is behind my inspiration of doing anything affirmative for U both.Thank God for their blessings.
Tears broke in my eyes too.....
- Papa

Amartya Raghav said...

very true said papa. And thanks for all your support and guidance .

Vijoy Das said...

You made me sob too. Always look ahead, and you will be successful in all you do, because your MOM is always behind you---invisibly, but substantially. May God Bless you.