Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Everyone loves using internet. Who doesn’t?? And everyone is willing to pay a certain amount to surf whatsoever websites he/she may like, which so ever apps they may require.
But what if someone asks you to pay separately for each and every sites which you want to surf each and every apps you want to use.
Take for example you are using WhatsApp and suddenly you want to shift to Instagram photos and as soon as you open Instagram it shows “Please buy Instagram pack to access Instagram!!” “Lol”. Wouldn’t that be frustrating?
No this is not a joke, it’s going to be reality in few days if we don’t act. This is what telecom operators demanded from TRAI.
Not all websites are of same value now. We would have to buy special packs for separate websites and separate apps.
Days are not far when instead of buying data packs from our telecom operators we would be looking for different data plans such as 750 MB YouTube pack, 250 MB WhatsApp pack etc. We can help ourselves to never see this day in our near future.
Source- www.netneutrality.in

TRAI is planning to allow telecom operators an extreme violation of net neutrality, putting at stake our freedom to choose and privacy. It has released a consultation paper with 20 questions spread across 118 complicated pages and wants us to send them an e-mail by 24th of April, 2015. We need to answer them. This is important and also worth it. Please join the cause to save the internet by dropping in an e-mail. Just visit www.savetheinternet.in to drop in your response. Your response matters.It really does. 
If you want to know more about what net neutrality is? - you may visit www.netneutrality.in or let AIB guys explain to you in their own way. Saving the internet is in our hands now. We must understand if there is no net neutrality there is no internet.
But please understand your response is what matters please Go to www.savetheinternet.in and submit your response, it’s easy and really worth it. The deadline is 24th of April 2015. If this is adopted what life would be after 24th is well imagined by Artoholic Design.

#SaveTheInternet #NetNeutralityIsImportant

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