Wednesday, June 18, 2014

India and the Achhe Din

For the past few months we have been listening the slogan Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain. And on 16th May 2014 with the biggest win in the largest democracy of the world, we got a feeling that Achhe Din Ab Aa Gaye Hain.

We have already crossed the one month mark of the newly formed Narendra Modi’s government. So, it’s our responsibility now to understand whether the newly formed government has been able to fulfil all of their pre-election promises or the people of India have been fooled again as they were being fooled in the Congress led UPA government for the past 10 years.
The first and most discussed motto of Bhartiya Janta PartyEk Bharat Shashatha Bharat. This has been the main motto of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as well as BJP since their formation and there is no doubt that our Prime Minister is keen to take any action for the fulfilment. We have already seen it’s beginning with the government’s involvement with the Article-370 of Indian constitution about Jammu & Kashmir.

Next of course was Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. I personally did not understand the meaning behind this motto. Was it about taking all the political parties together and growth and development of every region of the nation? If it is so, it appears that this is not being fulfilled. NDA is following the path of UPA. If you want to take all the political parties with you for the growth then why do you need to change the UPA appointed governors of many different states. Yes, they did it in 2004, you may say but if you repeat what they did, then I don’t see any difference between both of you.

The first thing that was mentioned in the BJP election manifesto was the problem of Price Rise. The price rise has crippled household budgets and contributed to the overall inflationary trend under the governance of Congress led UPA. But we don’t see any change in the price rise in the new government either. The prices of every item has been increasing in the same way or in some case even more in the past month. Oil prices may have increased due to problem in Iraq but what about the rapid growth of food and vegetable prices.
The next thing that comes to my mind is Corruption and it always reminds me of Kejriwal Ji. He was very good in the beginning but was overpowered by his big desires. The new government has been setting up different plans to minimise the growth of Black Money. That’s a positive point. Hope this government do not turn out to be another Kejriwal.

The government promised the people that to Strengthen the Framework it will build a strong Centre-State Relationship. I see the situation of Uttar Pradesh the BJP leaders are being murdered, there is much pressure from outside to throw down the SP led State government but in view of building Centre-State relationship the Centre is still calm. This may be the way to adhere to the promises they made to build a strong Centre-State Relationship. But how long will it last. The state must also consider the way of co-operation.
There are many more things that need to be discussed and taken care of and the Prime Minister and his other minister promises to do the same. As one month has passed the speed of growth must multiply itself.
We the people of our country have, elected the new government with much faith and hope and so we hope not to be fooled again. Also we are eagerly waiting to see the Achhe Din.         

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Vinay Kumar said...

Achhe Din Aayenge - Have faith and U have so.

Sab ka saath sab ka vikas does not mean the sath of UPA opposition only but it is of all the opposition parties
as well as the people of every segment of the society without discriminating on the basis cast,creed,race,religion etc.

To curb the corruption - Government is vigilant from the very first day.PM himself advised the MP's not to keep any relative as their PA.PMO itself will appoint the secretories of the minister.So just hope for the best.

Most of the Governors are ill faced and are involved in corruption charges.Until and unless they will not quit,investigation could not be instituted on them.And more over they will create trouble to the provincial and Central government.

One month against 10 yrs of ruined governance is not a count.Modi's demand was 60 months against 60 yrs to Ek Bharat Sashakta Bharat.
So wait and see ............Achhe din will come......sure it will come !