Sunday, December 1, 2013

Finally I am in love..

A few days and I will be done with my 3rd Semester. This still reminds me of the memories of the first few days that I have been here. Those memories are still fresh in my mind.
I remember the first day I came to this college. It was not my first experience of being away from home but it felt different. I have been away since I was 12 but obviously there was something different here.
This place taught me the most important aspect of my life – the INDEPENDENCY to live. First few days and I was in love with this place.
I was in love with everything around me, the city, the beauty, the flow, the nature each and everything.
I am just in love with this city. The city of joy, the city of life, the city Beautiful: CHANDIGARH.
The Rock Garden

A city that never sleeps.  A city where thousands of dreamy men and women arrive everyday to fulfill their dreams. The city of youngsters, the city of children and the city of adults. It has everything that one would want to visit, one would want to cherish and would love.
I am in love with the nature here. The cold breaths from Himalaya to the hot air from Thar everything has something special within itself. Past 7 years I have missed all these. To be frank I loved the city of Hyderabad (where I have been for past 7 years) but I missed the weather, the nature and the independency.

To my astonishment when I look back I feel surprised to remember that I didn’t wear a sweater or didn’t feel the sweat all around me. And now I love these whenever they are around me.    
The city Beautiful

This city has given me the independency to live on myself. It is teaching me with the tough aspects of life. This independency could have dragged me into darkness but I feel happy that it’s dragging me towards the way to lead a better life.

Chandigarh, the best planned city of India, with the world renowned architecture and best quality of life, which is truly unparalleled. It is a city that is young at heart. And its beauty and quality made me fall in love with it.     


Vinay Kumar said...

It's my pleasure that you are happy there at Chandigarh with it's climate,weather and above all the independencey you feel.I am confident too,you will never deviate even if there is no whip of guardian and mentor.
It's a good article.

Amarpreet singh Aulakh said...

very well written.

Vijoy Das said...

Liked your writing. Keep writing.

Veena said...

Wishing you good luck in your future endeavours...!!!!
Nice Read

Sanyam Golchha said...


Sanyam Golchha said...

(Y) A perfect one brother!!