Tuesday, January 14, 2014

AN OPEN LETTER TO Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I am not a great fan of politics but it doesn’t mean I am not at all interested in Indian politics like most of the youth. I love fighting and commenting on these like any other fellow Indian. We had the guts only to comment and blame the Indian Political system. But I must accolade you for your courage to come front and fight against these.

I am pretty sure your path is not going to be facile. Many occlusions are going to follow your path. Your path is that path where - one wrong move of yours will cost you to lose your support base forever.

We have much hopes which are linked with you. You are truly a one man army. I am not pretty sure as of now: Will you be able to bring a drastic change in the Indian political system or not (Whatever reasons might be behind it be but the main reason I feel is the current Political system) but you will always be remembered for the drastic change that you brought in the youth minds. Now a days I see number of youngsters just like us participating to fulfil your dreams, the dreams of the Aam Aadmi – “The Mango Man”.

I have also seen many revolutions against you, many statements against you, trying to prove you and your horde corrupt, wrong and misleader. I and for sure many like us argued with their friends and family in favour of you. We were criticised for the same. I am pretty sure this criticism will surely grow in my case after reading this letter. I may be wrong and they may be right, it is now in your hands. Many compare you with V P Singh, the 7th Prime Minister of India. May be, now it’s all up to you.

This letter may be considered as a letter by an Aam Aadmi to his leader. But to be sure I am much confident with your obstinacy – to lead our country to a corrupt free nation. Hope you never break our confidence.

I assure you, people like me will always remain with you in all the needs and support.

Wishing you all the best for the great future. Hope you continue to serve the nation with the same morality and decorum.

Thanking you

Amartya Raghav

An Aam Aadmi


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