Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Indian Political Dilemma

Few days ago I was at a family function and all I could hear in the random conversations were 'Har Har Modi' , 'Abki baar Modi Sarkaar' and all random stuff about Modiji , Rahulji and Kejriwalji. This makes me think that are we done with all other random topics. Yes, It is the season of elections, I know. You do not need to remind me again and again. I agree it's not the fault of the people who are engaged in these talks. Even I engage myself in these but instead its a kind of 'lahar' or we can say 'election ki hawaa' that has been created widely this election season.
Now most important thing whom are we going to vote this season. We have only limited number of choices to elect from. Here I want to quote a dialogue from recently released movie 'Bhootnaath Returns' where the Bhoot says to the people- "Ham aakhir kisko vote karein. Hamare paas choice kya hai. Ab 200 ya 150 murder karne wale ke saamne to 2 murder karne waala shareef hi hua na. To chalo usi ko vote karte hain." (Whom should we vote. We don't have choices. In front of the candidate who has committed 200 or 150 murders, the one who has committed 2 is innocent. So let's vote for him.). Yes this has become the mentality of people now a days.
Coming back to whom are we going to vote. Since long, we have only two choices - the BJP led NDA and the Congress (INC) led UPA.

Yes this time a newly formed party AAP who calls themselves the party of 'aam aadmi' (The Common man) has been the talk of the tongue. It emerged very fast in the Delhi elections and made most of us including me feel that we now have a perfect leader who will drive us to ........???? Where ?? Where does he want our country to reach? What does the party want? What's it's manifesto? Many of you will say - It says it will give us a corruption free India, but how? Once even I felt giving my vote to Aam Aadmi Party. I was confident voting for AAP. But fortunately I have a great politically involved circle of friends and family. I am not going to do so.

Next talking about the UPA, everyone knows about them. They have been Ruling our country for the past 10 years.We know what they did to our country in these unfortunate 10 years. We don't want our next 5 years to replicate past 10 years. So, we are not going to vote for the UPA too.
Now coming to NDA- I have been in a background where we have grown up seeing our elders voting for BJP, we used to listen what leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpeyee Jee have done for the betterment of our country. As kids we appreciated his works. But now as we have the voting rights and we need to be much involved in these stuff I don't think the kind of faith and trust we can have on them too, as it used to be then.
The question that strikes me again and again is- Even now is it the same party with same ethical and moral values as it used be in the past? I don't think so.

This election campaign I have not seen any of their advertisements without the use of random dialogues containing Modi ji's name. This sometimes makes me feel that "Are we voting for a group of people to work together for the development of our country or is it just one person?"
But finally as like others I have no other choice than to agree with Bhootnaath jee "2000 ya 1000 galat kaam karne wale ke saamne 400 galat kaam karne wala to
shareef hi hota hai." (The person with 400 wrong deeds is much innocent in front of person with 1000 or 2000 wrong deeds.) So finally I have decided to vote for the shareef of all according to me and also I request you all to vote for the change atleast vote for the shareef but please vote.
Whosoever wins we only have to hope that he leads our country rather than ruling in the best possible way.

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